Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fastest Painter Free 1.0.14 apk Android Game

Fastest Painter Free 1.0.14 apk Android Game from Invenktion developer,

Requirments: Android 2.1 +,
Version: 1.1,
Category:Brain & Puzzle,
Price: Free,

Help Johnny Brush falsify the most famous paintings in the world!
Paint, colour, finish up…but do it as soon as possible!
The Fastest Painter is an extraordinary game that mixes the speed of playing with the execution precision. All is sprinkled with fantastic bonuses spread everywhere, from the famous “trick&traps” to the secret valued canvases, which can be unlocked only by the best of you, but, above all, by the fastest painter!
All the graphic features derive from digitalized handmade drawings, from the cartoons of the most famous canvases in the world subdivided according to their location in the most important museums of the globe to all the queerest and most incredible characters who enrich this fantastic game.
The beginning of this adrenaline adventure could only be in Italy, the country of art, where Big Boss saves Johnny Brush from the street and poverty, taking him on the way of legend and notoriety since he will become a talented forger!
The trip continues along the streets run by a patriotic Jean-Luis Baguette, keeper and admirer of French art museums, and then all over the world touching the Great Britain of The King till the United States of America in the Big Apple of Big Mama with final stop at the North Pole to the mysterious Enigmus and to his extraordinary private collection.
The Fastest Painter is a game created by two friends, passionately fond of it. In their free time they wanted to give shape to their ideas and realize their dreams.
Take part in this project commenting and reviewing the game, pointing out eventual anomalies and don’t hesitate to express your requests!

Change Log:
  1. Two new free painting added!
Fastest Painter Free 1.0.14 apk Android Game
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