Monday, July 30, 2012

Mushroom Garden Deluxe apk Android Game

Mushroom Garden Deluxe apk Android Game is a challenging and fun game. Although the update is carried out has resulted in the elimination of data stored on previous Mushroom Garden Deluxe apk versions. But, starting from scratch is a new, more exciting challenge.

"Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
-This ver.1.0.3 recovers your data deleted with updating from ver.1.0.0. to ver.1.0.1/1.0.2.
We fixed and changed spec for the following bugs:
- Resets of App
We changed the data saving method to increase the reliability of data-saving.
* This will NOT recovery the erased data before UPDATING. Please understand.
- Bugs in Library
We have fixed a bug that the Funghi sprout on the log other than Normal log is shown in the library of normal log.
- Automatic Rotation of the Screen
We changed the setting of app to not rotating the screen when the device is turned
- Fixed the bug that SE plays when the device is set as Silent Mode.
(This is the same specification that "Mushroom Garden" and "Mushroom Garden Seasons" use)
Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You.
"Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution.
*"Log" holds the importance.
The Log became really important in this "Mushroom Garden Deluxe".
Grading up the Log is the key to Rare Funghi.
*"Request" systems!
Cromwell became a bit selfish this time.
If you clear the request from him, the happy thing might happen!
*Advanced Library!
Three kinds of medals are key of advancing the library,
The library will be enhanced depending on the number of collected Funghi.
Get the seasonal items by participating the events.
Special gifts will be given in Events.
*The BGM!
Cultivate and harvest with amazing musics.
New 6 musics produced by Toshiko Tasaki, the sound creator of Touch Detective series.
*About Mushroom Garden
The world's first genuine mushroom-growing sim!
The first app was released in 2011 as a spin-off app of "Touch Detective".
Cultivate Funghi and harvest by swipe, it is the simple app.
Mushroom Garden Deluxe apk Android Game
Mushroom Garden Deluxe

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