Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mechadroids apk Android Game

Mechadroids apk Android Game developed by Deadworld Studios. It can play if you have an android phone running Android 2.1 and above. The game is quite interesting and challenging that take the setting in the year 2177. Mechadroids to win the game, you should be able to defeat all your opponents. Immediately download this game and prove that you are a mighty robot.

Battling weapons of mass dysfunction! For Honour and Glory! Mechadroids!

The year is 2177 and sport is dominated by Mechadroids - huge robotic weapons of mass dysfunction! Swarms of foam missiles darken the skies whilst cardboardium armour hangs loosely together with duct tape. The desire of the crowd must be sated!
Mechadroids is a massively multiplayer menu-based strategy combat game with a satirical twist. Add friends/foes and battle your way through the ladder tournaments!

Mechadroids apk Android Game

If you looking for Mechadroids apk Android Game, you can go to the source download this apps via the link below.

Mechadroids apk Android Game

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