Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tplayer (Video Player) Apk Android App

Tplayer (Video Player) Apk Android App offers features that are different from other similar applications. This is the most powerful applications on the android market, as evidenced by Google Play chart which shows an increase each time. Until this article was published, these applications have been downloaded and installed on the android phone by more than 50.000 users. To add your knowledge of this application, you should read the following overview.

The best way to enjoy your movies.
The most powerful video player on Android!

Our video player supports:
All video formats, videos streamed through HTTP, RTSP protocols.
Best playback experience and quality, integrated native and jni engine.
Movies auto-detected and listed with thumbnail and details.

Search, filter, statistics, sort, detail and manage movies easily.
Enjoy or download plenty of web videos free (when sky browser has been installed), including:
e.g. Youku, Tudou, Qiyi, Sohu video, Phoenix video, QQLive, Ku6, CCTV, PPlive, Yinyuetai, Sina video, LeTV, 56, 163, etc.
Mainstream handset & Pad based on android 2.x/3.x/4.x and Armv5/v6/v7 chipsets inside.

Optimize for NEON and VFP features fully.
Please feel free to submit any of your feedbacks or concerns to the email address below, we are committed to solve any issues and work to complete your satisfaction!

Tplayer (Video Player) Apk Android App
Tplayer (Video Player) Apk Android App    

Why Tplayer can’t run on my phone?
Maybe the version of your Android device is too low, or your android device is not a device with ARM chipset. Tplayer can run on most Android equipment (above 1.6) with ARM chipset, currently ARMv5, ARMv5 / VFP, ARMv6, ARMv6 / VFP, ARMv7, ARMv7 / VFPv3, ARMv7 / NEON are supported.

How can I do if some local files can not be played?
You can try to use jni engine, native engine, or other players by long pressing menu. Moreover, you can try to change the default decoder settings of local file, or change them by extentions name.

How can I do if some streaming can not be played?
You can try to change the default decoder settings of streaming, or change them by websites name.

What are differences among decision by Tplayer, native engine, and jni engine?
Android native engine could take full advantage of native capabilities, so it is faster, more subtle and power-saving, but support limited formats and compatibility is not stable enough sometime.

Software jni engine is more stable, but slower and more rough than hardware decoding. Decide by Tplayer is smarter and more convenient. However, Tplayer will first try native engine, then jni engine. But, Tplayer maybe fail in some cases, you could set the decoder by yourself for those special cases.

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